Corporate Training

Antonio is a Best-Selling Author, Les Brown Certified International Speaker, Renowned Corporate Trainer, and Coach.

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is a prolific public speaker, certified by Les Brown, the world’s #1 motivational speaker, who has delivered over 2000 keynotes at events such as the University of Houston, Wiley College, which you can listen to on his podcast. Antonio is an internationally recognized trainer and speaker, and best-selling author in self-help and religious categories. He specializes in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Business and Strength Training, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing, as well as scholarship in the Old Testament and Jewish Covenants, and he owns one of the most successful technology companies in Texas. He holds a bachelor’s in Christianity and a Master’s in Theological Studies.

Antonio is a best-selling author and a popular podcast host, with a show that reaches 70 countries and 60 different languages.

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. has been coaching people around the world on personal transformation for the last 9 years and reaches over hundreds of thousands of listeners across the globe.

Antonio has coached law firms, construction companies, megachurches, and more. To book Antonio for corporate training, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly or email