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How can I contact Antonio T. Smith, Jr?

The best chance for getting a message to Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is through his Facebook page.

You can write a letter to Antonio T. Smith, Jr. at the following address:
Antonio T. Smith, Jr.
c/o Author Mail
ATS JR Companies
2915 Ave M 1/2
Galveston, Texas 77550

Or, you can also follow him on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How can I contact Antonio’s North American publisher to order books, or with other customer issues?

Please call ATS Publishing customer service at (281) 816-7753.

When is Antonio T. Smith, Jr. coming to my town?

You can get the latest info on tour dates by following him on his Facebook page.

Where can I find a complete list of Antonio’s books?

You can find a complete list of Antonio’s books he either written, illustrated or published broken down in chronological order on his Amazon Author Page page.

How can I get a signed Antonio Smith book?

Either attend a signing or contact a store that is having a signing. Also, sign up for the eNewsletter because special signed book offers are always offered.

How can I find out more about Antonio Smith?

Read the biography and profile on Speaker Hub or read interviews that have appeared in print.

Are there any more movies coming out based on Antonio Smith’s books?

Yes! Sign up for our eNewsletter to catch the latest news!